Town Board approves two drag racing events at EPCAL set to begin this summer
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May 2019 Newsday Report

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Official press release from United States Motorsports Association

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Our Mission Statement

L.I. Needs A Dragstrip will be a global Motorsports Business Park that delivers a New York Metropolitan Area location offering numerous economic benefits and creates a world-class Motorsports environment suitable for a wide variety of automotive type recreational, commercial and industrial uses.

From the left Duane, John, Todd, Dawn, Rick, Bonnie, Johnny, Kathy John, Steve, Katrina, Donna, John, Tara and Joe

Long Island Needs A Dragstrip Car Show     HOT RODS NOT HEROIN - 9/16/2018

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Pictured from left

Nick Filippides of American Racing Headers, Congressman Lee Zelden,

LINADS John Cozzali, Assemblyman Dean Murray, Rudy Sunderman, 

Tom Schirilo, LINADS Johnny Consoli and John Nicosia


We have been constantly working behind the scenes to continue on our path to getting a Motorsports Park back on Long Island. We have spoken with NHRA, we have spoken to local and national media outlets, we have been all over social media and have helped get our name out there even more. The time is now and it is the best chance for us to make this happen.

The more our name gets out there, the more people reach out to us and want to get involved. This includes property owners, investors and many others. These are the type of people that we need to attract and who will get us over that hump. These are the type of people who love the idea of a Motorsports Park, and realize the potential that this could do for Long Island. With that being said, these are the type of people who need to see hard numbers and hard facts. We need to have a Pro-Forma put together which will provide these types of figures. Being honest, we are not the guys who have the resources to complete this, so we are enlisting the help of an outside consulting company who is reputable and well known for putting together these types of reports. These reports cost money, and while we do have money in the bank, we need to raise more to cover the costs. How does this affect you? Well pay attention!

We have a raffle in which YOU can buy tickets and the proceeds that we raise will be put towards funding the Pro-Forma we need the consulting firm to complete for us. What's in it for you??? How about free airfare, free hotel and free passes to the NHRA Toyota Nationals in Las Vegas at the end of October?!?!?

-LINADS Committee 



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