Yaphank Land is too small

We want to thank everyone who was able to come out today to Hauppauge. We packed out the entire room. We had a bunch of people come up and speak on our behalf. The issue with this 197 acres in Yaphank is that it is broken up into parcels and there is not a big enough piece of land to house a Motorsports park. We were not made aware of this until we were there. With that being said, they voted yes on the resolution for that land. All the members of the Ways And Means committee saw our passion, drive, and dedication for bringing a Dragstrip back to Long Island. A few of them even said that they agree with everything that we all spoke about.

What does this all mean now? We scratch off this property from our list of potentials and focus on others now. We remain positive and continue to keep doing what we are doing. We have gotten this far, this is not going to stop us. It was amazing to see the turnout that we had today! Thank you!!

For everyone who always asks "well what are you guys doing now?", I hope this showed that there are many things going on behind the scenes that we cannot post about. We found out early this week about this land being voted on and that's why we needed to act quickly. Unfortunately it didn't work out the way we hoped, but now we move on.

Steps continue to be made in the right direction and we ask you to be patient! There will be many more times where we will need you to come together and rally, just like we did today. Don't look at today as a disappointment, look at it as an opportunity that helped us present our case to county legislators. Most of whom do NOW support the idea!

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